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The 3-star AIBA Coaches and Referee & Judge Courses started in Dubai

May 22nd, 2021 / IBA

Two days left until the start of the ASBC Asian Men’s & Women’s Boxing Championships. Amidst the pandemic situation, AIBA started two important courses to educate the next generation of Referees & Judges and coaches.

The AIBA 3-star Coaches Course and the AIBA 3-star Referees & Judges Course are holding at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai, UAE. AIBA re-launched the educational programs after a while, the break was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, the interest to attend these new projects was high from all over the globe.

Mr. Zurab Tibua of Georgia and Mr. Anatoliy Kaigorodov of Moldova are the Instructors of the AIBA 3-star Referee & Judge Course in Dubai. Both of the Instructors worked as a Referee & Judge in several international competitions as Olympic Games, AIBA World Boxing Championships, European Boxing Championships and multisport event. Several changes were made in the rules during the recent period and the Instructors transfer the new knowledge to the participants.

AIBA 2-star Referees & Judges are eligible to attend the educational program which contains theoretical and practical parts in Dubai. Altogether 26 Referees & Judges are participating in the educational project. Following their examinations, the successful applicants will be able to receive their 3-star.

The Chairman of the AIBA Coaches Committee Mr. Ervin Kade of Estonia and Mr. Adam Kusior of Poland are the Instructors in the AIBA 3-star Coaches Course. The experienced AIBA Instructors introduced the new rules, methods and the modern boxing to the participants of the theoretical part of the Course.

Twenty applicants joined the AIBA 3-star Coaches Course where AIBA 2-star Coaches are eligible to attend. Many of the National Federations decided to send their coaches to increase their capabilities, boxing knowledge and to know all of the latest changes.