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IBA & ISDE Sports Management Course

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) in unveiling a groundbreaking educational initiative; the “Sports Management” course. Designed to cater for athletes, officials, federation, and confederation staff, as well as other stakeholders in the world of boxing, this course is set to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the sports management arena.

At its core delivery, this educational program seeks to offer retired athletes a unique opportunity to embark on a new career path following their boxing journey. IBA’s commitment to supporting athletes’ transition beyond the ring is reflected in the course’s priority enrollment for retired athletes. However, other boxing stakeholders are also welcomed to join the course based on initial availability.

The first IBA & ISDE Sports Management Course commences on 1 February 2024.

The full list of participants:

  • A R Meshkatul Islam (Bangladesh)
  • Md. Israfil Alam (Bangladesh)
  • Irene Ntelamo (Botswana)
  • Taolo Tlouetsilev (Botswana)
  • Pierre Severin Toukoulou (Cameroon)
  • Savvas Kokkinos (Cyprus)
  • Pascal Schneller-Stern (Germany-IBA)
  • George Lamptey (Ghana)
  • Danuska D’Gama (India)
  • Sujit Kumar Singh (India)
  • Aldar Altansukh (Mongolia)
  • Stefa Pejovic (Montenegro)
  • Abdelilah Oudghiri (Morocco)
  • Petrus Nghifikepunye Kashango (Namibia)
  • Trefina Ndapandula Shivolo (Namibia)
  • Alhaji Komba (Sierra Leone)
  • Awil Gele Ahmed (Somalia)
  • Marta Forcen Celaya (Spain)
  • Dushan Lalisha Kahatapitiya (Sri Lanka)
  • Tharindu   Roshan Madusanka (Sri Lanka)
  • Ruger Kahwa (Tanzania)
  • Lukelo-Anderson Willilo (Tanzania)
  • Adote Mawusse Krakpo (Togo)
  • Tianna Guy (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Vicki Mera Boodram (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Kateryna Drobotko (Ukraine)
  • Donatas Piskun (Ukraine)
IBA is committed to delivering the best for its Family, and continuous professional development for our managers is one of the core tools to excel. With this Sports Management education course at ISDE, we aim to educate more qualified managers to serve the sport of boxing worldwide at all levels, be it clubs, National Federations, Confederations or the IBA. We are looking forward to offering new opportunities and the whole career path for retired athletes and supporting them on their journey. Such initiatives make our Boxing Family stronger, and I thank ISDE for such a great opportunity Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General & CEO

ISDE is a global leader in education around sports law and sports management, with an impressive list of alumni spread across FIFA, UEFA, CAS, and many other sporting federations, as well as across numerous sports clubs and franchises around the world.

It is an educational institution born from the heart of the legal profession, as representatives of major national and international firms were involved in its founding, with the aim of creating an academic institution dedicated to providing the highest level of education.

The courses are designed to ensure students are prepared for practice, with a view to entering the industry directly.  Therefore, in addition to providing strong theoretical knowledge, ISDE focuses on providing practical insight and guidance to equip students to survive and thrive within the sector they seek to enter into.

ISDE is an affiliated center of the Complutense University of Madrid.

In December 2022, IBA and ISDE entered into a cooperation agreement with the purpose of developing education in sport of boxing.