Statement from AIBA’s President

May 8th, 2019 / IBA

Over the past few days, a number of media have reported on AIBA’s position concerning the overall situation with the IOC. The inquiry Committee is due to make its recommendation to the IOC Executive Board on 22 May 2019 regarding AIBA’s ability to organize Olympic Boxing for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. 

Given the mixed messages reported, it is important to clarify AIBA’s position:

  • AIBA has fully addressed – and even exceeded – the demands from the IOC concerning Governance, Ethics, Finances, Anti-Doping and Refereeing & Judging. AIBA completely reformed itself over the past 18 months. The reformed AIBA, with the full support of all of its National Federations, is ready to manage the Olympic Boxing Qualification Tournaments for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, in the best interest of the sport and of its athletes.
  • As a good governance practice, I call for an Extraordinary Executive Committee meeting on 18th May 2019, mainly to discuss possible responses to various recommendations that the IOC Inquiry Committee might propose to the IOC Executive Board.
  • AIBA continues seeking official communication with the IOC to resume its program to better serve the athletes.