Preparations towards AIBA Congress kick off

October 3rd, 2018 / IBA

The International Boxing Federation (AIBA) yesterday provided its 203 Members Federations with all the necessary information regarding its upcoming AIBA Congress, taking place on November 2nd – 3rd in Moscow, Russia. The information package includes the congress agenda, the list of nominated candidates for elections, and other practical information.

With the goal of operating in full transparency, the entire congress preparation has been coordinated by AIBA’s headquarters office in Lausanne, and the election process led by AIBA’s Election Committee. The Election Committee consists of Chairman Mr. Jost Schmid (SUI), Mrs. Annemarie Stark (GER) and Mr. Dennis O’Connell (USA).

Tom Virgets, AIBA’s Executive Director, said: “This is a very important step for the new AIBA. We have been working hard to establish a well-planned, transparent and on-time system, of which we can be proud. With all the preparations being on track, we can be sure that the congress will take place in the most efficient way. I am looking forward to welcoming all of our Members Federations in Moscow next month.”

Mr. Jost Schmid, Chairman of the Election Committee, added “It was my pleasure to contribute my expertise and knowledge to the Election Committee. As Chairman of the committee I take pride in knowing that the entire process has been meticulously reviewed and conducted in full independence. This has been an important milestone for AIBA, one that will bring a tangible sense of integrity back to AIBA and the sport of boxing.”

Mrs. Annemarie Stark, Member of the Election Committee, said: “AIBA is fulfilling its promise to involve the athletes in every step of its reforms, both in sports and in its governance. I am pleased to contribute to the new AIBA, and look forward to the future of our great sport.”

The Agenda Congress and the full list of nominees are both available for download here.