Commonwealth Games 2022

Perfect evening session for Mauritius in Birmingham

July 29th, 2022 / Commonwealth Games 2022

Nine further contests were held in the evening session during day one of the boxing event at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Mauritius had three boxers in action during the session and all of them advanced to the next stage of the competition including African Games veteran, Louis Richarno Colin.  

There are 231 boxers competing in Birmingham including 59 women and these female and male hopefuls represent 55 nations from five Confederations. Six female and ten male weight categories comprise the official program of the Commonwealth Games and a total of 16 champions will be awarded gold medals on August 7.  

Mauritius’ veteran Louis Richarno Colin is still in top shape

Mauritius’ African Games winner Louis Richarno Colin is one of the most experienced boxers in the entire Commonwealth Games. He won a bronze medal at the 2010 edition in India and the 35-year-old boxer is still in top shape to win international contests. Colin landed nice left-handed hooks in the first minute of his fight against Jersey’s Tom Frame in the opening bout of the evening session. Colin’s right-hand was also dangerous in the first round but Frame was highly motivated as he was the first boxer from Jersey to compete at the Commonwealth Games after a 24 year hiatus. Frame was strong in the exchanges but technically Colin managed to keep control in the second round with his excellent footwork. The Mauritian light welterweight (63.5kg) boxer overcame Frame in his attacks during the third round and secured his spot in the last 16.

“I am so happy that I can compete here in the Commonwealth Games once again. I would like to go further and further in this event and show my skills,” said Mauritius’ Louis Richarno Colin after his fantastic debut.

Joe Tyers amazed the local crowd in the evening session

England’s Joseph Tyers is a 22-year-old young talent and a new hopeful in the national team after he competed in the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships. He met Sri Lanka’s Wasala Mudiyanselage Rajakaruna who replaced Dushan Dinidu Saparamadu at the light welterweight (63.5kg) following his national successes. Tyers had a longer reach than his Sri Lankan opponent and he used his jabs well enough to stop Rajakaruna, the Army boxer, in the first round. The Englishman was highly motivated in front of the home crowd and had a massive advantage in all of the judges’ scorecards after two rounds. Tyers performed much better than his Sri Lankan opponent and celebrated his emotional success after the bout.

John Ume defeated Malawi’s newcomer

Papua New Guinea sent a huge boxing delegation to the Commonwealth Games with a lot of experienced boxers on board. Their John Ume started well in the first round against Malawi’s newcomer Elias Bonzo and led 10:9 in each of the scorecards after three minutes. Both boxers had the same fighting style, with impressive reach and height and therefore their technical skills and speed were the difference between them. Ume had enough previous experience to handle this tactical contest and he looked better in all aspects of boxing during the third round.

“My opponent was pretty good, because of him, we had a very good fight today. I started the Commonwealth Games with a triumph but I am planning to take back a medal from this event,” commented Ume.

Ghana’s Omar Abdul Wahib returned to the winning path

Ghana’s Omar Abdul Wahib achieved a bronze medal at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games which was his first major achievement in our sport. Since then, he has moved up from the flyweight up the light welterweight which is one of the busiest categories in the new edition of the Games. The experienced African caught his opponent, Jamie Devine from the Isle of Man and his hooks arrived with perfect timing to take the lead after the first round. Devine represented his small island well and used a nice style of boxing especially in the second part of their battle but the Ghanaian won the bout by split decision.

Antigua & Barbuda’s lone boxer in Birmingham, Alston Ryan makes successful start

Antigua & Barbuda sent only one boxer to the Commonwealth Games, but their Alston Ryan has strong athletic skills and has represented the small island in several championships. Ryan avoided Tanzania’s Alex Michael Isendi’s attacks in the first round of their bouth and his smarter boxing delivered a 10:9 advantage to the Caribbean boxer after three minutes of fight. The 29-year-old Ryan used his longer hands in the beginning of the second round and his left-handed hooks kept the Tanzanian at bay in the middle part of their light welterweight (63.5kg) contest. Isendi moved forward without any stoppage but Ryan’s speed was the difference between them.

“It was a great fight today and a good start against a strong opponent. I believe that I am much better since my last big championship. I have better physical skills and adopted this weight class. Unfortunately, my sister tested positive before the Games and she is not here but I am doing my best,” said Antigua & Barbuda’s technician Alston Ryan.

Vadamootoo secured Mauritius’ second success in the evening session

Mauritius’ Jean Jordy Vadamootoo became AFBC African Champion at the bantamweight in 2017 and after a few unexpected losses, he returned to the national team this year. The Mauritian moved up to the welterweight (67kg) and bagged a bronze medal at the Eindhoven Box Cup during his last preparation event. Vadamootoo was slightly better in the exchanges against Kiribati’s most experienced boxer, Toaua Bangke here in Birmingham and his jabs found the way between the gloves. The Oceanian boxer changed his tactics and his infighting style was more successful therefore the final verdict depended on their performance in the third round. The Mauritian was punctual with single shots in the third round and advanced to the last sixteen in Birmingham.

“I am trying to adopt this weight class, but I am stronger than before. I am tired after this contest but I came here to get a medal. I still have time to prepare for my next contest, I don’t know my second rival but we have still a few days to analyse him,” said Vadamootoo.

Wales’ Taylor Bevan knocked out his Kiwi rival

The strong Welshman, Taylor Bevan is a 21-year-old boxer who prepared for this Games in recent years with full speed. The light heavyweight (80kg) caught New Zealand’s Onyx Lye with a tough body shot in the first round and his Kiwi opponent went down to the floor. The New Zealander was able to continue the fight but Bevan’s next punch became lethal in their preliminary contest and the referee confirmed the Welshman’s KO triumph.