Irma Testa: “I feel safe with the new President, now AIBA is clear”

February 12th, 2021 / IBA

Italian boxer Irma Testa won the prestigious competition, 65th Memorial of Istvan Bocskai in Debrecen, on Friday. In the final, she defeated Hungarian boxer, Szabina Szucs, with a unanimous decision. 

After the bout, she described her feelings about being back to the ring.

“I feel much better, and I am happy to come back and fight. For boxers, it is a very big problem to stay one year without any competitions. However, I trained a lot during the pandemic. I had very strong and intense sessions because of the lack of tournaments. Now the intense work I do in Assisi pays off,’ she said. 

Testa, who is also a European champion, represents the AIBA Athletes Committee in the Board of Directors. 

‘That makes me very happy to be in the Board of Directors, as I represent there all women in the world who do boxing. When I started my career, there were not so many women in the sport, and now there are a lot!’ Testa added. 

The boxer also said that she is happy with the reforms that AIBA is conducting. 

‘As an athlete, I have ideas and I will discuss them with AIBA Committees and with the President. Now the reforms for boxing are very good. I see it, it is different than was before. Now AIBA is clear, and this is good for all – R&J, coaches, athletes. I feel very safe with the new President. Because he arrived and said that he wants to be a clear President. This is beautiful,’ she concluded.