IBA / Paris Warriors

IBA remains at heart of boxing world through Italian event cooperation

March 9th, 2024 / IBA, Paris Warriors

49 boxers will seal their places after the Qualification tournament in Busto Arsizio in Italy over 13 weight categories, with the vast majority representing their nations under the governance of IBA.

While athletes are flourishing in the ring with our backing, IBA is ensuring this event is a success too – working closely with the Italian Boxing Federation to support their efforts for participating boxers.

Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General and CEO said: ‘The working relationship IBA has with the Italian Boxing Federation has led to the positive atmosphere for our boxers and their teams. It shows that unity in boxing is the most effective way of supporting our boxers. As the Home of Boxing, we will remain by the side of our athletes throughout their journey to the top of this sport and continue to provide vital support to our National Federations who have stood loyally with us.’

The IBA continues to invest in a pathway for these boxers since their youth, through junior competitions continuing to the Elite level, where they currently perform. With that, the IBA financially and structurally supports the stars of the future more than any other organization, forging pathways for their professional boxing endeavors.

Our organization keeps leading the way through our Financial Support Program, assisting grassroots ambitions of our athletes and those National Federations who are loyal to IBA’s goals. Furthermore, we have the highest quality of coaching and officiating through our certification development courses, ensuring we have the greatest standards.

We remember the moments where boxers stand atop the podium singing their national anthem, however, we do not see all the hard work and support behind the scenes. IBA has and always will be part of that support system for boxers in their bid to become global superstars.