First ever Hong Kong City Cup recap and results

February 17th, 2015 / All

Shortly after the APB Light Flyweight (49 kg) Inaugural Title Match was held in Hong Kong, the city hosted the first ever Hong Kong City Cup tournament.

Athlete of the tournament
Singapore will be the host of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in June, and their current team contains talented athletes who will hope to medal in that event.

Amongst them, Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Ahmad, the bronze medallist in the last edition of the Southeast Asian Games was excellent in this tournament, and the 27-year-old boxer knocked out China’s Li Xuduan in the final of the Men’s Bantamweight class (56 kg).

Team of the tournament
Chinese Taipei won six gold medals in the elite level at the Hong Kong City Cup and topped the team rankings of the new competition, where Chou Chu Han, Chun Pei Jun and Yang Hsiu Hui all were able to win their weight classes in the women’s competition.

Talented teenager and AIBA Junior World Championships bronze medallist Jan Chun Hsien continued their winning path, while National President’s Cup winner Huang Yi Hsuan and He Shao Hui were also too strong for their rivals in the event.

Surprise of the tournament
Macau’s Cheong Lap Cheong is only 18-years old, but he was able to win the gold medal in Hong Kong.

Cheongtook part in the last two editions of the ASBC Asian Youth Continental Championships, and met with Hong Kong’s Poon Kai Ching in the final of the Light Flyweight class (49 kg).

There he was able to dominate their contest from the first seconds which resulted in victory for the boxer from Macau.

One to watch
Chinese Taipei’s Jan Chun Hsien was the bronze medallist at the 2013 AIBA Junior World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine after less than twenty bouts, and the teenager who trains in the city of Hsinchu, raised his experiences at the international competitions in 2014.

He proved his undoubted talent in the first edition of the Hong Kong City Cup winning a difficult final at the Flyweight class (52 kg) against China’s Guangzhou-based Shao Zibin.

Stat/fact of the tournament
The local organizers invited nations from the East and Southeast Asian region and they are planning to continue the success of the first edition and raise the number of the participating countries next year.

Macau claimed its first ever international gold medal in Hong Kong, while the Singaporean women’s and men boxers also proved their developed skills and boxing technique in the Hong Kong City Cup.

List of the winners in Hong Kong
Women’s 48 kg: Chou Chu Han, Chinese Taipei
Women’s 51 kg: Chun Pei Jun, Chinese Taipei
Women’s 54 kg: Yang Hsiu Hui, Chinese Taipei
Women’s 57 kg: Li Zijun, China
Men’s 49 kg: Cheong Lap Cheong, Macau
Men’s 52 kg: Jan Chun Hsien, Chinese Taipei
Men’s 56 kg: Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Ahmad, Singapore
Men’s 60 kg: Lu Jiawei, China
Men’s 64 kg: Li Zhangzheng, China
Men’s 69 kg: Tse Kwok Wai, Hong Kong
Men’s 75 kg: Huang Yi Hsuan, Chinese Taipei
Men’s 81 kg: Guo Yingjie, China
Men’s +91 kg: He Shao Hui, Chinese Taipei