Istanbul 2022

Fair Chance Team’s Cindy Ngamba won the first contest at IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships

May 13th, 2022 / Istanbul 2022

The first part of the round of 16 contests was on the agenda of the 7th session at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. Mozambique’s Alcinda Panguane amazed the crowd with her strength and became her nation’s first-ever quarter-finalist in the history of the Championships. Another unexpected highlight of the evening was Fair Chance Team’s Cindy Winner Djankeu Ngamba who eliminated a top favorite today.

The winners in the light middleweight (70kg), light heavyweight (81kg) and heavyweight (+81kg) advanced to the quarter-finals today and kept their hopes alive to win a medal in Istanbul. The IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships will continue with 24 bouts on the sixth day of boxing on Saturday.

Kaye Scott is the first quarter-finalist in Istanbul

Australia’s Kaye Scott earned a silver medal at the 2016 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. The 38-year-old boxer decided to continue her career and moved down two categories, she competes in the light middleweight (70kg). The Australian boxer met with Uzbekistan’s 18-year-younger Khadijabonu Abdullayeva in the first bout of the evening session. Scott has a bigger reach, she bravely moved ahead and her right-handed jabs caught Abdullayeva in the second minute. Scott’s hands were down and she looked confident in the opening round against the smaller Uzbek who makes her debut among the elite boxers at this event. Scott had the advantage on all of the judges’ scorecards, and Abdullayeva needed to change her tempo at the beginning of the second round. The Uzbek boxer went to the medical corner several times due to Scott’s heavy punches and now the Australian can prepare for her quarter-final.

“I was confident and followed my plan today. This performance was not my best, I am not 100% satisfied but I could beat my young reival. The difference between me and her was just in the experience. This is an exciting Championships for me and probably this is my last year in boxing,” added Scott following her success.

Valentina Khalzova advanced to the quarter-finals

Kazakhstan’s World Champion Valentina Khalzova had a short break in her career and returned to the events at the end of 2019. The Kazakh boxer won her first bout in Istanbul with a confident style of boxing and proved that she is in a good shape. Khalzova met with South Korea’s Seon Su Jin who moved down to the light middleweight (70kg) this year. The experienced Kazakh took the lead on all of the scorecards after three minutes, as she landed better punches. Seon Su Jin received advice from her Canadian coach, Ariane Fortin-Brochu, and gave it all in her attacks but Khalzova had quick responses. The Korean worked hard in the third round and she began that period with strong right-handed jabs but Khalzova had enough experience to win this contest.

Mozambique’s second winner is Alcinda Panguane

Mozambique sent their two top boxers to the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and among them, Rady Adosinda Gramane made a successful debut in the middleweight (75kg). Their second top athlete, All Africa Games runner-up Alcinda Panguane was brave in the ring against Mexico’s Brianda Tamara Cruz in their Round of 16. Panguane launched stronger punches in the first round and her jabs reached the younger Mexican several times. Mozambique’s pride intensified in the middle of the second round and her powerful punches were decisive. The referee stopped their contest. Panguane became the first female boxer from Mozambique who advanced to the quarter-finals at the Women’s World Boxing Championships.

“I was praying before this bout to show my best performance today and I succeeded. I want to win all of my contests in Istanbul whoever will be my opponent at these Championships,” commented Panguane.

Cindy Ngamba is the new sensation of the light middleweight

India sent one of the strongest teams to the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and their boxers impressed fans in the previous competition days. Lovlina Borgohain had a tough comeback after nine and half months without any events but she managed to win her opening contest against Chinese Taipei’s World Champion, Chen Nien Chin in a final-level preliminary bout. The tall Indian was expecting an easier job against Fair Chance Team’s Cindy Winner Djankeu Ngamba who trains in the United Kingdom with Cameroon roots. Djankeu had a brave attempt to beat the Indian boxer and she exceeded all expectations in this contest.  The Fair Chance Team’s boxer had power for the actions in the third round to deliver the top sensation of the session.

“I believed myself before the bout and I trained hard to make it happen. My coaches are amazing, and I know that I beat one of the gold medal favourites here in Istanbul,” commented the Fair Chance Team’s boxer.

Sennur Demir eliminated World Champion

Turkey’s Sennur Demir earned a bronze in 2016 and a silver in the 2018 Women’s World Boxing Championships, and her target is the gold in Istanbul. Following that she competed in the middleweight (75kg), she returned to the heavyweight (+81kg) this year to reach her career highlight. Demir had a top rival already in the last 16, Kazakhstan’s former World Champion Lazzat Kungeibayeva. The Turkish southpaw was quicker in the first round than her Kazakh opponent and landed better punches. Kungeibayeva tried to use her weight advantage in the bout but Demir was better today and eliminated a champion.