EUBC adopted new Constitution 

August 16th, 2021 / IBA

European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) adopted the new Constitution at the extraordinary General Assembly which was held virtually. The delegates voted in favor unanimously. The new document is composed in accordance with the new AIBA Constitution. 

According to the document, the next elective EUBC Congress will vote for the EUBC President, who, in turn, will serve in the AIBA Board of Directors.   

A step towards gender equality was made. At least three women will be present at the EUBC Board of Directors. What is more, the EUBC Athletes Committee will be established. EUBC General Assembly also defined the terms for the President and the Directors.    

‘The new EUBC Constitution in my opinion clearly shows that the EUBC is ready to make a jump into the future, making our Confederation a leading body in the boxing community and also ensuring our member federations and our boxers will be in a position to work and compete at the best of their capabilities and skills,’ EUBC President Franco Falcinelli told.