International Boxing Day

Estelle Mossely to become a special guest of International Boxing Day in DR Congo

August 25th, 2022 / International Boxing Day

World and Olympic Champion Estelle Mossely will become a special guest at the International Boxing Day (IBD) celebration in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A star boxer was born in France in a family of a Ukrainian mother and a Congolese father, so she has strong roots in the IBD host country. She started boxing when she was 12 years old, and five years after, she made her debut at the international level. At the age of 24, she earned her prestigious titles.  

‘I am very happy to go back to my roots and come to celebrate this significant day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where my father was born. This country is very special for its boxing history and for me personally. I was here three years ago to talk to young athletes and give them inspiration through boxing. Now I am coming back to show people that nothing is impossible,’ Estelle Mossely said.  

‘I am happy that IBA has established this day to underline the importance of boxing for everyone involved. This is a celebration of courage and diversity, I believe that it will inspire people to practice boxing in Africa and around the world,’ she added.

Mossely also mentioned that the IBA Year of Africa will create better conditions, raise new specialists and help boxers on the continent to develop further.  

‘Year of Africa is a brilliant initiative of the International Boxing Association. The continent has huge potential but needs special attention in terms of lack of conditions and equipment. New coaches will become certified specialists to raise young talents. I am looking forward to seeing a new generation of African champions at the international level,’ she concluded.