Czech Boxing Federation joins IBA as provisional member

February 26th, 2024 / IBA, EUBC

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is delighted to announce the Czech Boxing Federation as its newest provisional member, starting February 2024. This important development signifies IBA and its International Relations Department’s efforts towards creating opportunities for the athletes in the countries where National Federations have chosen to leave IBA for the rogue organization.

‘The collective hard work and dedication in fostering global coverage of boxing and strengthening our Boxing Family has brought us to another milestone today,’ Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General and CEO stated. ‘We welcome the Czech Boxing Federation to the IBA Family, and we extend our gratitude to all who made this moment happen from both the IBA and Czech side.’

The Czech Boxing Federation’s provisional membership marks the beginning of a promising journey, with the potential to evolve into a permanent membership at the IBA Congress taking place at the end of 2024. This progression reflects the Federation’s commitment to enhancing the sport’s profile in the Czech Republic and its alignment with IBA’s values and standards.

This milestone follows the departure of the Czech Boxing Association from the IBA, paving the way for the Czech Boxing Federation to emerge as the new representative body for boxing in the Czech Republic. The Federation has demonstrated exemplary governance, integrity, and a commitment to the sport, earning its place within the IBA family.

The provisional membership is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Czech boxing community, including athletes, coaches, officials, and supporters. It offers exciting opportunities for Czech boxers to engage in international competitions and benefit from global IBA initiatives, further contributing to the development and success of boxing in the Czech Republic.

The IBA looks forward to supporting the Czech Boxing Federation in its journey towards permanent membership and beyond. This affiliation not only strengthens the global boxing community but also ensures that the spirit of the sport continues to grow and thrive across borders.

The Czech Boxing Federation’s integration into the IBA is a step forward in promoting excellence and fostering talent in the boxing world. We celebrate this new chapter and anticipate the Federation’s contributions to the international boxing landscape.

The IBA extends its warmest welcome to the Czech Boxing Federation and its members, looking forward to a fruitful partnership and the bright future of Czech boxing on the world stage.