Bahrain Boxing Federation’s historical step

March 19th, 2019 / IBA

Bahrain Boxing Federation was founded only a few years ago but the country will make its first big step in the boxing world next month. Bahrain will feel this historical step registered when it attends coming ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.

The tournament will start on April 18, and the finals are scheduled on April 26. Two of boxers from Bahrain including one woman will take part in the championship for the very first time.

Bahrain attended the 2016 Gulf Countries Tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its training camp before the start of the competition. Bahrain sent their boxers to an international event for the very first time on April 2016. The athletes claimed two bronze medals three years ago.

The Bahrain Boxing Federation was recently restructured in 2018. The President of the federation Mr. Khalid Aziz Alkhayyat is working hard to send their athletes to international events in the future following the national team being officially formed. The President of the Bahrain Boxing Federation signed a contract with experienced former UK national coach Tony Davis.

Bahrain’s new female athlete, 30-year-old Noorineesa Noorahmed Ameer Jan will participate in the women’s flyweight (51kg) in Bangkok. She trains in Muharraq which is Bahrain’s third largest city and will be the first ever female boxer from the Gulf who can participate at the continental level.

The second team member of Bahrain’s delegation will be Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Zaman Moshwani, who was born in Pakistan in 1999. His family moved to Bahrain when he was a child, and the student started his boxing career in the capital of the country, Al-Manama. The 20-year-old boxer will take part in the men’s flyweight (52kg) in the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships.