Board of Directors

Australian boxer and IBA Board Member launches global charity initiative to empower disadvantaged boxing clubs

May 23rd, 2023 / Board of Directors

IBA Board of Directors member and World Championships bronze medallist from Australia, Kristy Harris, has announced the launch of an inspiring charity project aimed at providing essential boxing equipment to remote and underprivileged boxing clubs around the world. This ground-breaking initiative, which brings people together in various parts of the world, is a contribution to global sustainability by supporting the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Goal 12 on Sustainable Development.

In addition, the project’s objectives are to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate and foster goodwill within the boxing community by showcasing the unifying power of the sport. The first consignment of new and used boxing equipment is scheduled to be shipped to the Olympafrica Sports Center in Eswatini soon.

Kristy Harris, the driving force behind this charitable endeavor, said, ‘Boxing has given me so much in life, and I’m incredibly passionate about giving back to the sport and the community. By providing much-needed equipment to disadvantaged clubs and schools, we not only create opportunities for aspiring boxers, but also unite the global boxing community.’

Pearl Dlamini, an IBA Board of Directors member from Eswatini, expressed her support for the initiative, saying, ‘The project reflects the true spirit of boxing – resilience, determination, and the ability to rise above challenges. This initiative will have a far-reaching impact, empowering young talent and promoting the sport’s positive values.’

The project will collect boxing equipment from various donors and distribute them to carefully selected clubs in need. It promises to make a significant impact on the global boxing community, demonstrating the sport’s potential to transcend borders and foster unity.