Americas United: AMBC stands strong with the IBA in pivotal time for boxing

April 19th, 2024 / AMBC, IBA

In its recent Board of Directors meeting, the American Boxing Confederation (AMBC) has reaffirmed its unwavering support for the International Boxing Association (IBA) and its President, Mr Umar Kremlev. This support highlights the commitment of American boxing federations to maintain stability and unity in the sport across the continent.

A significant part of this rallying call was articulated in a letter addressed to the Presidents of National Federations across the Americas. The letter signed by AMBC Board emphasized the importance of cohesion and solidarity among the national federations under the AMBC and IBA umbrellas, stressing the essential role of sports in fostering development and upholding the values of transparency and excellence.

The AMBC seeks to ensure that boxing in the Americas does not merely endure but thrives by enhancing athlete development and sport promotion. The common value of putting athletes and coaches first is uniting the National Federations across the continent.

The unity of the American boxing community was also evident during the AMBC’s Board of Directors meeting on 10 April 2024. Key figures such as AMBC President Jose Laureano, Vice-Presidents David Batz and Oscar Contreras, and Lourdes Avendaño, who serves on the IBA Board of Directors, came together to discuss, and strategize on ways forward amidst the ongoing challenges. Their collective leadership and collaborative spirit are set to play a pivotal role in navigating through this pivotal time for boxing.

Moreover, the AMBC’s proactive approach and its emphasis on maintaining “fluid and collaborative communication” between National Federations underscore a broader strategic vision. This vision not only aims to confront immediate challenges but also to prepare for future ones, ensuring the sport’s resilience and continued growth both in the Americas and globally.

‘I am deeply grateful for the robust support from the AMBC and the unified stance of boxing federations across the Americas,’ Chris Roberts OBE, IBA Secretary General and CEO, said. ‘This solidarity is essential as we navigate current challenges and strive towards enhancing boxing’s integrity and global stature. Our collective efforts are crucial for advancing our sport on every front. Together, we are committed to upholding the highest standards and ensuring a prosperous future for boxing in the Americas and worldwide.’

‘As President of the AMBC, I stand resolutely with the IBA, as our commitment to the sport and its athletes remains unwavering. We will continue to work closely with all member federations, and our sports ministries to see boxing growing stronger through unity and integrity. The success of the first IBA Champions’ Night on the continent, held in Mexico, give a great testimony of the steps forward taken. Together, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where transparency and excellence are at the forefront of everything we do,’ Jose Laureano claimed.

AMBC’s robust support for the IBA signals a significant stance on leadership, ethics, and collaboration in sports. By championing these values, National Federations of the Americas demonstrate their commitment not just to the sport itself but to the athletes and communities they serve. This concerted effort is vital for boxing’s enduring success and its ability to overcome obstacles, affirming its place as a cornerstone of international boxing.