AIBA Statement on allegations against officials at the Asian Boxing Championships

June 2nd, 2021 / IBA

AIBA is aware of potential issues and allegations concerning the judging of certain bouts at the Asian Boxing Championships held in Dubai. AIBA takes such allegations very seriously.

After liaising with several National Boxing Federations, AIBA anticipates the Refereeing and Judging (R&J) Committee will conduct an immediate investigation into the work of all relevant appointed officials and report their findings to the AIBA Disciplinary Committee as soon as possible, to determine whether there is a case to answer or not. If so, the Disciplinary Committee will empower an immediate independent expert review, to determine whether any incorrect decisions were taken due to lack of competence, manipulation or corruption.

Under the new leadership of President Umar Kremlev, AIBA has made clear that it is determined to resolve issues with boxing Refereeing and Judging, with the help of independent expertise. A full independent investigation of previous issues, including the Rio 2016 tournament, is being commissioned. Any officials found to have contributed to unfair fights will become permanently ineligible to serve at AIBA competitions.

President Kremlev and all at AIBA are totally committed to ensuring that all boxers are always given the opportunity of a fair fight.

Further updates will follow at the conclusion at key milestones in the investigation and reform process.