AIBA Notes McLaren Findings On Rio 2016 Boxing Tournament With Concern, Confirms Sporting Integrity Reforms

September 30th, 2021 / IBA

Following the publication of the report for the first phase of Professor Richard McLaren’s independent investigation into boxing, AIBA noted the findings regarding the Rio 2016 boxing tournament with concern and confirmed that extensive reforms have been implemented to ensure sporting integrity at current AIBA competitions. Prof. McLaren was appointed by AIBA as part of the recognition by the current AIBA leadership that governance, sporting integrity and financial integrity were not previously satisfactory and that there was a need for reform. Prof. McLaren will investigate not only the Rio 2016 boxing tournament but also all key events till now to reach full transparency. 

“Professor McLaren and his team have identified a system for manipulating the results of bouts at the Rio 2016 boxing tournament. I am determined to ensure that boxers receive a fair fight. This determination is demonstrated by AIBA’s clear commitment to uncovering the truth and acting on it,” said AIBA President Umar Kremlev. ”We must now carefully examine the report and see what steps are needed to ensure justice. What is important is that we make sure the mechanisms are in place to show that results are above suspicion.”  

President Kremlev became involved in amateur boxing as Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation in 2017, before joining the AIBA board in 2018 and becoming President in 2020. 

McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) will continue its work, investigating more recent boxing tournaments and also the activity of individuals previously involved in the management and administration of AIBA. The current AIBA administration is fully committed to taking appropriate action in the areas of sporting integrity, as well as any others where Prof McLaren’s teams make significant findings.

“AIBA hired Professor McLaren because we have nothing to hide,” continued President Kremlev. “We will work to incorporate any helpful recommendations that are made. We will also take legal advice with regard to what action is possible against those found to have participated in any manipulation. There should be no place in the AIBA family for anyone who has fixed a fight.”

Referees, judges and technical officials being appointed to the upcoming AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia now face tough selection criteria, including background and other checks conducted by MGSS. A random selection element has been introduced during the competition and further training will be carried out onsite, including but not limited to, a module on enhanced ethics and behavioural provisions. Comprehensive mechanisms are in place to evaluate scoring, and scoring is now displayed live during bouts.

The full report could be found at the link