AIBA Jeju Declaration

November 14th, 2014 / All

With the closing of 2014 AIBA Congress, all Delegates unanimously approved and unveiled the following declarations for the further enhancement of its key initiatives for the successful fulfilment of the mission set on October 22, 2007 in Chicago to govern the sport of boxing in all of its forms.

One of the priorities of AIBA in the next 4 years is to build and develop a tangible career protection plan for all AIBA boxers, especially in regard to the safety and post boxing career welfare and options.
Enhancement of overall Women’s participation in the sport of boxing is another primary goal of AIBA and it will further invest into development programs for all levels of Women boxers.
AIBA decisions on the recent revolutionary adoption of “One Technical Rules” for all AIBA Competition Programs, AOB, APB and WSB, and its decision to remove Headguards for Elite Men Competitions have been unanimously endorsed by the Congress.
All members of the International Boxing Association will give their best coordinated efforts to protect the image and reputation of the world governing body of the sport of boxing in all of its forms from any outside ill-intentioned influence which seeks to disrupt the harmony and unity of our organization.
AIBA will continue working to prevent, including through the use of disciplinary sanctions, any possible corruption, matching fixing, gambling and violence inside or outside of rings.
AIBA continues maintaining its principle of abandoning the use of the word “Amateur” in relation to its sport programs and dissociating the sport of boxing from images of it being a “Combat and Martial Art Sport” in order to ensure the protection of its original characteristic as the “Noble Art” sport.
All AIBA Congress delegates strongly support the present governance and all of the sport initiatives being implemented by the current administration for the best interests of all AIBA boxers and future young boxing generations.