AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane visited Asian Boxing Championships 

April 26th, 2019 / IBA

AIBA Interim President Dr Mohamed Moustahsane visited ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. He had meetings with officials and athletes, after which he underlined the high level of boxing, the developments and the unity of the AIBA Boxing Family. 

“I watched all of the quarter-finals at the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships, and my first impressions are amazing. Asian boxers won plenty of titles the recent  years, they show their best here as well. 

The Asian continent has always had great competitions. The venue is fantastic, and I am satisfied with the level of the organization. Thailand is a real boxing country, people love the sport here. 

A record number of boxers and teams attends the championships which means a lot for me. I am very satisfied to see the level of the tournament. Not only the top nations worked well , but also Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan and many others increased their level. 

We have strong values in our beloved combat sport, our 203 affiliated National Federations is a strong message itself. The diversity in boxing and the fair play are the main missions in our sport. Unity within the whole AIBA Boxing Family is the key to reach our success in all areas of boxing. 

We have done all of the requirements which IOC asked from our side and we are expecting positive decisions. AIBA is changing its image, and I believe our way is the start of the new era. Coming up, I am expecting a strong AIBA World Boxing Championships in September which will be hosted by one of our key nations, Russia”, said the Interim President. 

Last week Mohamed Moustahsane made his first visit to the AIBA HQ in Lausanne, Switzerland.