AIBA Executive Committee Bureau Pleased with AIBA Reform Progress

June 4th, 2018 / IBA

Following a full days agenda discussing the current state of AIBA and planning the next steps towards meeting and exceeding membership and IOC requests, Interim President Gafur Rahimov expressed with pleasure the positive work of the members of the Executive Committee Bureau, and with the good progress being made at the AIBA Headquarters.

“I continue to be impressed by the dedication and commitment of the members of the Executive Committee Bureau, and how well these individuals are assisting the AIBA Headquarters in meeting IOC mandates and offering quality customer service to our AIBA family.  Teamwork is an essential element of every successful organization, and it was a pleasure to witness the AIBA leadership come together and work to overcome the challenges facing AIBA as one team”.

The AIBA Interim President reported on the current status of the Benkons settlement, and provided a progress report on the business development with FCIT.  The Interim President stated that while” there is still a lot of work to do to insure that AIBA’s “best interest” are being served, he was thankful to both Benkons and FCIT for the cooperation that they have shown while they and AIBA seek “win-win” solutions to these complex negotiations”.

The AIBA Executive Director gave a report on the progress of the “The New Foundation Plan”, The Youth Olympic Games, Youth Men’s and Women’s World Championships, the AIBA headquarters and the AIBA financials.  The latter being labeled as “challenging, but manageable” by the EC Bureau.

Other topics of discussion included, the mixed doubles boxing initiative, the AIBA Technical School plan, the next IOC report, the current situation AIBA faces with WADA regarding the 2019 World Championships, AIBA’s Audits and the WSB.   The EC Bureau also agreed to forward a proposal to name an ethics commission chair for ratification at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Executive Director Tom Virgets stated: “It was refreshing to see the new management approach of AIBA Interim President Gafur Rahimov. It was clear from the start of the meeting that he is a business man with an excellent no nonsense business approach to finding solutions to problems.  The Interim President provided excellent guidance and direction, and made it clear that AIBA will live within its means.  The days of AIBA borrowing to pay for operational expenses are over”.