Additional candidate approved by the BIIU Nomination Unit for the upcoming AFBC Elections in South Africa

September 28th, 2023 / IBA, AFBC

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is pleased to announce that an additional AFBC Presidential candidate, Mr Moses Muhangi has been approved by the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU) – Nomination Unit having met the requirements of Articles 27.6, 27.7 and 27.8 of the IBA Constitution and is eligible for the AFBC Presidential Election.

The Nomination Unit has reviewed the application document submitted by the candidate and report submitted by the independent vetting firm.

The election is scheduled for 13 October 2023, during the AFBC Extraordinary Congress in Durban, South Africa. The candidates, listed in alphabetical order, are:

  1. Berhanu Eyassu Wossen
  2. El Kabbouri Mohamed
  3. Mendouga Bertrand Magloire Roland
  4. Moses Muhangi
  5. Omo-Agege Siena Azania

Ferdinand Ilunga Luyoyo declared ineligible for these Elections.

The Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU) is the operationally independent unit, in charge of dealing with all ethical and disciplinary issues (including issues related to conflicts of interest), as well as conducting eligibility checks and selecting candidates for elections and providing education and development services. The BIIU operates in accordance with Boxing Independent Integrity Unit Rules, approved by the IBA Board of Directors on 23 September 2022.