Junior World Championships

Yerevan to host IBA Junior World Boxing Championships 2023

August 4th, 2023 / Junior World Championships

After a long 8-year pause, our major junior event is back on the IBA calendar with the IBA Junior World Boxing Championships scheduled to be in November 2023. Yerevan, Armenia has been awarded the right to host the event amongst our 15-16 year old boxers.

The last junior events were held in 2015 with the men’s tournament in St Petersburg, Russia, and the women’s in Chinese Taipei. This time, the joint event will unite young boxers from around the globe in Armenia’s capital to compete in 13 junior men’s and 13 women’s weight categories.

‘Boxing is established from grassroots, our National Federation clubs, and it is now time we brought the IBA Junior World Boxing Championships back to calendar,’ IBA President Umar Kremlev said. ‘Many big names in boxing started their pathway from the junior level, and these first steps to the World Championships have assisted to shape the younger generation of champions. This is a huge celebration of boxing, and I invite everyone to follow the junior event in the beautiful city of Yerevan both on-site and online.’

IBA Interim Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE thanked the Boxing Federation of Armenia “for their constant support to IBA” and expressed his confidence in a high-level event organization.

‘Yerevan has already hosted several large-scale events, and we have complete confidence that the IBA Junior World Boxing Championships will be organized at an exceptional standard. For us, grassroots is where it all begins, and boxers must be given the opportunities to compete against the very best from all corners of the world. Having this flagship event for their age group category is a huge motivational factor to train hard daily and never to give up on boxing after those hardy first challenges. We expect more youngsters in the boxing gyms having been inspired by the opportunity to become world champions as early as the age of 15-16 years,’ he stressed.