The AMBC American Elite Boxing Championships in Ecuador collected 197 boxers from 25 countries

March 28th, 2022 / IBA

The quarter-final contests took place on the fourth competition day at the AMBC American Women’s and Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Boxers who were born in 1982 and 2003 are eligible to attend the AMBC American Elite Boxing Championships. There are neutral referees and judges from Europe in the competition to do fair play in Guayaquil, which hosted its last AMBC Confederation event for the elite women boxers in 2009.

Altogether 197 boxers are attending in the AMBC American Elite Boxing Championships from 25 countries in Ecuador. The number of the women’s boxers is a record number of 75 and the most popular category is the featherweight (57kg). 122 male boxers are competing for the thirteen available male titles in Ecuador where the lightweight (60kg) and the light welterweight (63.5kg) are having the biggest number of athletes.

Among the titleholders of the competition, Colombian Yeni Marcela Arias, Brazilian Women’s World Champion Beatriz Ferreira, Argentinian Lucia Noelia Perez, and Canadian Tamara Thibeault will be there in Guayaquil to defend their thrones, which they earned in Tegucigalpa five years ago.

The AMBC American Elite Boxing Championships to be live streamed through the IBA YouTube channel