Miloš Biković becomes the first Ambassador of the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships

February 19th, 2021 / IBA

Famous Serbian actor Miloš Biković becomes the first Ambassador of the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships which takes place in the city of Belgrade in November 2021. The appointment was declared at the meeting between the President of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vučić and the AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev with heads of the Balkan boxing federations.

Mr. Biković claimed he admires the values of boxing as they are really close to the actor’s ones.

‘The acting profession gives me the opportunity to try different roles. I was already a football & basketball player, a skater. Now I have a role of a boxer in the famous Serbian dramatics ‘When Pumpkins Bloomed’. When I was preparing for the role, I started my training and fell in love with boxing, because its philosophy is close to me. Boxing is a noble sport, it teaches us to control our emotions, especially our aggression, to get through the pain; boxing teaches discipline, the ability to stand up for ourselves. And the actor needs these values in his profession,’ Biković said.

‘This year Serbia will host the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships, this is an incredibly important event for our country and the whole world. When I was offered to become the Ambassador of the Championships, I realized that this, at first glance, an extraordinary decision has its logical explanation. Today boxing needs to be popularized, and I am happy to support the idea of combining culture and boxing because it is not only a sport discipline, boxing is really a special culture. And I, as a public figure, can draw the attention of people of all ages to the world of boxing, which develops such important character traits,’ Mr. Biković added.

‘I would like to express my deep gratitude to the President Mr. Aleksandar Vučić for supporting my candidature as the Ambassador of the Championships. I am going to popularize boxing through my public speeches, communication with the media. Also, we are planning motivating videos with my participation, a number of events and broadcasts both on the internet and on television,’ the actor claimed.

‘I am also very glad to see Mr. Umar Kremlev as AIBA President and I want to wish him all the best in his work. Such a position requires a serious approach, which Mr. Kremlev certainly possesses. This is a person with a great spiritual component who constantly works on himself. It seems to me that these are the qualities that a leader of such a large international organization as AIBA needs,’ he added.

‘Serbia is a sports nation showing high results in various disciplines. We are looking forward to the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships, which will be held at the highest possible level,’ Mr. Biković underlined.