International Boxing Association elects new Vice Presidents and Executive Committee members

November 14th, 2014 / All

In addition to re-electing the AIBA President Ching-Kuo Wu, delegates from national federations at the International Boxing Association’s 2014 Congress also voted to appoint new Vice Presidents and Executive Committee members for the coming four years.

The Vice President appointments are:
VP for Africa: Kelani Bayor (Togo)
VP for America: Osvalo Bisbald (Argentina)
VP for Asia: Serik Konakbayev (Kazakhstan)
VP for Europe: Franco Falcinelli (Italy)
VP for Oceania: Ted Tanner (Australia)
In addition, three new Vice Presidents were appointed:
Di Wu (China) VP representing the Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA).
Timur Kulibayev (Kazakhstan) VP representing the AIBA Pro Boxing (APB)
Gofur Rakhimov (Russia) VP representing the World Series of Boxing (WSB)
Executive Committee members are:
From Africa: Mohamed Moustahsane (Morocco) and Nabil Sadi (Algeria)
From America: Alberto Puig De La Barca (Cuba) and Ray Silvas (USA)
From Asia: Yan Yue (China) and Yoon Seok Chang (Korea)
From Europe: Terry Smith (Wales) and Suleyman Mikayilov (Azerbaijan)
From Oceania: Mapu Jamias (American Samoa)
Additional EC members elected are:
Fran Lopez Almeida (Venezuela)
Jurgen Kyas (Germany)
Eyup Gozgec (Turkey)
Steve Ninvalle (Guyana)
Pat Fiacco (Canada)