International Boxing Association Congress unanimously adopts constitution amendments and new acronym

December 12th, 2021 / IBA

An Extraordinary Congress of the International Boxing Association voted unanimously in favour amending its constitution as it adopted governance reform measures. The decision came on Sunday, December 12 during an online meeting run from Lausanne. The acronym of the organization was also changed from AIBA to IBA.

Voting delegates from 107 National Federations were present at the Congress. Public notary Mr. Edward Gardiner oversaw the voting process.

From now on, the Ordinary Congress will take place every year. In accordance with the recommendations of the Governance Reform Group, a new Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (the BIIU) will be constituted. It is expected to be fully operational in the course of 2022. Eligibility criteria for elections candidates were enhanced and the vetting process is to become more efficient. The number of Board members will be reduced to 18 and a selection process for independent directors will be provided. Congress supported all the above-mentioned changes unanimously.

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev reported on his productive year as President. In total, 32 National Federations received $700,000 USD, and Confederations were awarded $600,000 USD. The Fair Chance Team and 17 countries were provided an opportunity to come to Belgrade and compete at the Men’s World Boxing Championships by IBA. Mr. Kremlev visited more than 30 countries and is committed to continuing the direct communication with federations, athletes and coaches.

IBA Secretary General Mr. Istvan Kovacs, CFO Mr. Rob Garea and R&J Committee Chair Mr. Chris Roberts presented their reports to the Congress.

National Federations of St Vincent & The Grenadines, Vanuatu and St Kitt & Nevis were suspended until the next Congress, the monitoring on their activities will be continued.