Tashkent 2023 / New Delhi 2023

IBA offers support to all USA national team boxers to participate in the IBA’s 2023 Women’s and Men’s World Championships

February 10th, 2023 / Tashkent 2023, New Delhi 2023

Speaking at the Press Conference before the finals of the World Boxing Tour event, Golden Belt Series tournament in Marrakesh, Morocco, IBA President Umar Kremlev stressed that the national team of the USA shouldn’t struggle because of the decision of the administration.

“This decision doesn’t belong to the athletes themselves. Not one of the sports administrators or politicians in the world is entitled to deprive athletes of their dream to become World Champions. Boxers dedicate their whole life to the sport, while administrators and politicians come to and go. Those, who are doing this to our athletes, are worse than hyenas and jackals, they violate the integrity of sport and culture.  I urge all my colleagues to clear their organizations of such hyenas, as I can’t call them another way. IBA will do its utmost to help athletes from the USA to come and participate in the World Boxing Championships and will assist them, including financially. For this, we have our Financial Support Programme. We will fight for each and every country to give them a chance to participate in our tournaments representing their flag and anthem. For those administrators and politicians who are deciding for the athletes, shouldn’t be involved in the sport,’ President Kremlev said.

A fact-based response to the USA Boxing statement will follow.