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IBA Development Programme uses World Boxing Tour event in Morocco as platform for game-changing courses

February 1st, 2023 / IBA Courses

– The IBA Development Programme will stage four courses during the upcoming World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event in Marrakesh

– Dozens of students will participate in the courses, which are designed to enhance the experience and expertise of future referees, judges, technical officials and coaches

– The Development Programme demonstrates the IBA’s commitment to strengthening the sport’s foundations worldwide

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is stepping up its efforts to strengthen the sport’s foundations worldwide by spearheading a series of development courses against the backdrop of the upcoming World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event in Morocco.

Organised through the IBA Development Programme, the courses are designed to enhance the experience and expertise of referees, judges, technical officials and coaches to accelerate the global growth of the sport and leave a positive legacy in Morocco, the African Boxing Confederation (AFBC) and beyond.

The Referee and Judge 1-3 Star Fast Track Course, International Technical Official Course, Cut Technician Course and Coaches 1-Star Course will feature dozens of students from various countries during the Golden Belt Series event, which will take place in Marrakesh from 2-10 February 2023.

The Referee and Judge 1-3 Star Fast Track Course, added to the IBA Development Programme’s portfolio of courses over the past six months, will give 36 students the opportunity to referee and judge bouts in Morocco, providing a world-class training environment.

The International Technical Official (ITO) course has been reintroduced this year after a successful launch at the ASBC U22 Men’s and Women’s Asian Boxing Championships, which concluded on 25 January in Bangkok, Thailand. Approximately 30 students are expected to be in attendance, learning the skills required to become boxing’s next generation of technical officials.

The revamped Cut Technician Course features theory and practical training applications that have been expanded to provide a more thorough learning experience. On-site ‘live’ training and ‘back-of-house’ training structures have been reimagined with the aim of providing further protection to boxers as they embark on a busy schedule of competitions in 2023.

Furthermore, the refreshed Coaches 1-Star Course – which will be overseen by the Coaches Committee, led by new Chair Gabriele Martelli – will take place from 1-7 February ahead of an extended hand-wrapping workshop on 8 February. Learning topics will include the primary role of the coach, the sport’s code of conduct, advanced ethics, and the IBA’s Competition Technical Rules.

The IBA is an athlete-first organisation that prioritises the wellbeing and interests of boxers across the globe. However, the boxers can only be given the opportunity to reach their potential if they are surrounded by the right people with the necessary knowledge and experience,” IBA Development Director Chris Roberts OBE says.

These courses, delivered by the IBA Development Programme, will strengthen such a support structure, allowing athletes to flourish in the ring. From technical officials, coaches and cut technicians to judges and referees, the students who will benefit from these carefully crafted courses will become the lifeblood of boxing in the coming years.

The broad portfolio of courses illustrates the IBA’s commitment to developing all aspects of boxing, and ultimately enhancing the sporting spectacle for participants and followers worldwide. We are looking forward to working with dozens of students in Morocco and providing the platform for continuous professional development, as well as the opportunity to support our National Federations.

Marrakesh will host the third event on the World Boxing Tour, the IBA’s groundbreaking new competition series, after successful Silver and Golden Belt Series tournaments in Slovenia and Mexico, respectively, last year.

The World Boxing Tour comprises a series of events that are classified into three categories: Golden Belt, Silver Belt and Bronze Belt tournaments, which contribute to a new IBA ranking system that will help to define the most successful boxers at the end of the year. The top four athletes in each weight category will fight to be named the best of the best at the annual Diamond Belt Series event.