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IBA and ISDE welcomes 28 participants to inaugural joint Sports Management course

February 28th, 2024 / IBA, IBA Courses, IBA & ISDE

To educate and guide people in the sports industry, particularly, in boxing, is the main goal of the newly established IBA and ISDE Sports Management course launched in early 2024. The IBA joint project with the Institute of Law and Economics has just started its 3-tier program with 28 participants from 20 countries represented.

Of the confirmed participants 11 have an athlete’s background, and 32% of students are women. The total cost for the course is covered by IBA; in return, successful candidates will be encouraged to support IBA on a set volunteer basis.

‘Development goes hand in hand with quality educational institutions, and I am happy that we chose ISDE as our partner to create this Sports Management course,’ IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE said. ‘We wanted to create additional value not only for IBA that can benefit from new professionals in the industry, but also for our Confederations and National Federations. With this comprehensive program, in nearly one year time, the participants will have a robust understanding of how the boxing industry works and will be able to operate at the events at the highest level with ease.’

Roberts went on to say, ‘We value individuals within the IBA Family, and we want to provide them with the best opportunities to excel. By creating the conditions for success for the people within the IBA Family, we create the foundation growth and success within our organisation.’ 

The course program was born from the idea that there are many people involved in boxing, and it’s IBA’s duty to provide them with the opportunity of professional development and growth within the sport. For instance, athletes concentrate on their performance and may not know the intricacies of managing a sporting event. To give them opportunity to extend their career in boxing, the IBA offers this course to allow them to explore new roles within boxing once they have hung up their gloves.

‘We know that the career of a boxer is relatively short, on average they have 10-12 years performing at their best, but what then? This course can offer a career transition to athletes, who simply may not know how many different roles in the administration of boxing beyond the Field of Play,’ Roberts added.

ISDE Academic Director Dev Kumar Parmar stressed that this course was designed specifically for the IBA Family. ‘This course was tailored to deliver value to not only the IBA but its people. It is unique in terms of its content and allows participants to understand deeply how the system works. It is not open for people outside of the IBA, which makes the program quite an exclusive one. It gives an opportunity to learn and play a role in boxing, we are acting as a bridge to the business side of the sport. The biggest challenge the students are facing, is time management, as the course requires a meaningful commitment. But boxers are very competitive, and I am confident that they will conquer all challenges ahead of them graduating.’ 

Parmar also mentioned that the best teachers and subject matter experts were involved in shaping the course leading the modules. Not only do they have required experience and knowledge, but also certain level of authority, courage, and intelligence.

‘Education is a foundation for further success of any organization, and the IBA is not an exception,’ Parmar added. ‘It’s a wonderful initiative from the IBA, and I cannot think of any others in the sports world who have organized anything similar. I also appreciate the students’ commitment as they are lifelong learners and who want to make a difference in boxing.’ Parma went on to say.

IBA Board of Directors member Marta Forcen Celaya shared that ‘Continuous professional development is a fundamental pillar in my professional life. I acknowledge that constant learning has been essential in achieving numerous goals in my career. I am pleased that the IBA has created this opportunity to better understand the business behind sports, especially in boxing management.’

‘Although I have experience as a sports lawyer, I have never had the chance to face the challenge of organizing a sports event or managing a playing field during a tournament. I consider this challenge particularly interesting, and I am eager to tackle it. My conviction is based on the fact that ISDE is one of the most recognized institutions for learning about sports law and management internationally, so I am confident that this course will be beneficial for all participants in their professional futures.’

I am excited to gain a comprehensive understanding of our beautiful sport, which will undoubtedly strengthen my ability to support boxing and its athletes while serving on the IBA Board.’ Forcen Celaya went on to say. 

A lot of other initiatives are being discussed between IBA and ISDE, as this course is only a first one. IBA is grateful to ISDE for fruitful partnership and is looking forward to greeting the first alumni of Sports Management course.

About the ISDE:

ISDE, renowned for its pioneering role in sports management education, has been shaping the future of the sports industry in the last decades. Situated across key global cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, New York, and Ciudad de México, ISDE commits to fostering leadership, innovation, and excellence in the field of sports management. With a methodology deeply rooted in a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach, ISDE dedicates itself to equipping professionals and enthusiasts with the knowledge, skills, and insights required to excel in the dynamic world of sports.”