IBA / Astana 2016

HeadsUp educational focus continues in Astana with seminars and workshops at Women’s World Championships

May 23rd, 2016 / IBA, Astana 2016


Two important events have formed part of the HeadsUp educational programme during the Women’s World Championships in Astana, with AIBA and the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation hosting a valuable WADA anti-doping seminar, while the latest technical Cutman practices and hand wrapping techniques have been shared with coaches.

As AIBA continues to collaborate closely with WADA on the crucial subject of anti-doping in sport, Monday’s WADA seminar for team doctors and staff was designed to further educate boxers and their support personnel in the importance of anti-doping and keeping boxing drug-free.

Professor Zhanar Andassova, Lead Researcher of the Kazakh National Anti-Doping Center, delivered presentations on the importance of continuous testing both in and out of tournaments. There followed an update on anti-doping rule violations and the consequences of breaching them, as well as the latest list of WADA-prohibited substances, revealing the detrimental effects they can have on a boxer’s health.

“To be able to host these important educational seminars and workshops is precisely why AIBA created the HeadsUp initiative. Working alongside WADA to keep sport clean is central to what we do and education, at every level of the boxing family, makes it a fairer, safer and more exciting spectacle for everybody involved in it,” said AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu.

Education is one of the four key pillars of AIBA’s HeadsUp initiative, and the WADA seminar followed further work by the AIBA Medical Commission to teach coaches in the latest Cutman practices and hand wrapping techniques, part of the daily agenda at the beginning of the 2016 Women’s World Championships.