IBA / Astana 2016 Interviews

Exclusive interview with Great Britain’s defending Olympic Champion Nicola Adams

May 11th, 2016 / IBA, Astana 2016 Interviews

[ASTANA2016]_Nicola Adams

The Rio 216 Olympic Games are around the corner. It must be something special for you to qualify for the 2nd Olympic Games considering you became one of the three women to win an Olympic gold medal in Boxing at the London 2012 Olympic Games. How this medal has changed your life and how do you feel before trying to qualify to Rio 2016?

My Gold medal changed my life in many ways but mostly my mindset. I not only have a lot more obligations to keep up with but it helped me realise that I’m capable of everything I want. The satisfaction that came with winning the 2012 Olympic Games was the most fulfilling moment of my life. It was at the games I knew that if I really wanted something I could do it not only for me but for my family and my country.  I would want nothing more than to do it again for everyone who has helped me and for myself, I guess that’s why leading up to qualifying for Rio I felt a sense of nervousness and urgency to qualify. I know people expect me to win, so qualifying is the beginning to the end of achieving that goal.

In the last Women’s World Boxing Championships in Jeju in 2014, you were unable to compete because of an injury. You have now a chance to become world champion in Astana. Do you feel confident about this forthcoming event?

I was very upset that I couldn’t participate because of my injury in 2014 but I feel very confident that I can secure a Gold medal in Astana. After winning the European games and winning 3 silver medals at the Worlds I’m not leaving with anything less than a gold!

You are part of the Ambassadors’ program which aims to promote women’s boxing. Why is it important for you to become such an ambassador?

I have spent 20+ years, nearly all my life building myself as a boxer and along the way I have tried to build the sport of women’s boxing. Being an ambassador is so important to me as I want to help the next generation of boxers through awareness and participation opportunities. Through the ambassador program I can help reach more people and promote the beauty of boxing. This is what needs to be done if we want women’s boxing to continue its growth.

How do you become such a great athlete. Who has inspired your career?

I would say that my work ethic and discipline is what separates me from the average athlete. I was blessed with the passion I hold for boxing but I know how to apply myself every day and that’s why I am different. My family has been my motivation since day one. I want to be great for them. All in all my passion, my work ethic, and my family make me the athlete I am.

What are the key factors of your success?

I have been blessed with a team that allows me to be perform on a whole new level.  My personal coach Alwyn Beltcher who has coached me for 15 years is one of the best in the sport. Team GB has made sure that I have everything I need to reach my full potential and my family has given me the type of support money can’t buy.  I can honestly say that I couldn’t be me without my team and that’s been the key all along.

You are now a role model for many women around the world. How do you manage this?
Its an honour to be a role model and it’s also a great responsibility but I would rather that pressure be on myself than anyone else. I try and be the best me at all times to set a good example for the women who look up to me.  I know that my actions can affect others so I act in a way that I would like to see others act.

Who is your favorite boxer, athlete and why?

Muhammad Ali because of his character/personality inside and outside of the ring.

What is your favorite quote?

“You have to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t.”