IBA / IBA Champions Night

Call for candidates for newly-formed IBA Professional Boxing Committee

April 11th, 2024 / IBA, IBA Champions Night

With the roaring success of the IBA Champions’ Night events taking place globally, the IBA Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to the formation of the very first IBA Professional Boxing Committee, seeking members to this newly-created group.
This Committee will be made up of at least one active or former boxer and coach who have participated both in amateur and professional boxing, as well as at least one technical delegate or official with amateur and professional experience too.
The IBA is also seeking at least one active or former promoter with a promoter license, or a matchmaker.
In total, there will be at least seven members on the IBA Professional Boxing Committee.
The role of the Professional Boxing Committee is to provide support to the current IBA Champions’ Night program, provide expertise in the professional boxing domain, particularly in matchmaking, and oversee and design technical and competition rules, focusing on athlete well-being and management.
Those on the Professional Boxing Committee will also supervise new projects such as IBA’s continental promoters’ liaison.
Interested candidates for the Professional Boxing Committee vacancies must submit an application form to be considered as a member, which should be sent to before the deadline of 26 April 2024, 18:00 CEST.