Buenos Aires 2018 – Get to know more about England’s flyweight Ivan Price

October 3rd, 2018 / IBA

With the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games around the corner, we catch up with the AIBA Youth World Championships silver medalist and England’s medal hope Ivan Price.


When and why did you start boxing?
Ever since I was born my dad lead me to boxing, but I only joined a boxing club at five years old. All my family has always been into boxing, my dad, my uncles, my cousins… they have always supported me and my decision to start boxing.

Tell us more about your family and roots.
I am coming from a gypsy background and I have always been moving all over. I feel I was born to fight.

What does boxing bring to your life?
Through boxing I learn discipline and how to be respectful, It also keeps me fit.

How many hours per week do you train?
I train twice a day around three hours. When I am at home, I train at my club with my dad. And we normally combine different training exercises such as sparring, pad work, bag work, cardio…

What do you expect from the upcoming Youth Olympic Games?
Olympic champion. Gold medal. It’s all what I have in mind.


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