ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships finished in Jordan

March 15th, 2022 / IBA

51 female and male champions were crowned in the competition in Amman, 26 junior boxers and 25 youth athletes.

Outstanding number of 352 female and male boxers from 21 nations were competing in Amman, Jordan. India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen sent their best talents to the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships.

Boxers who were born in 2004 and in 2005 were eligible to participate in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. For the youth boxers, this is an excellent option to prepare for the upcoming IBA Youth World Boxing Championships which will feature later this year. The younger talents from the 2006 and 2007 age groups competed in the junior part of the championships in Jordan.

India, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Uzbekistan earned 26 titles in the junior part of the championships.
India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan earned the youth titles.

List of the winners after the junior finals of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

  • Women’s Junior 46kg: Jasmin Tokhirova, Uzbekistan
  • Women’s Junior 48kg: Zilolakhon Yusufova, Uzbekistan
  • Women’s Junior 50kg: Vini, India
  • Women’s Junior 52kg: Yakshika, India
  • Women’s Junior 54kg: Uzukjamol Yunusova, Uzbekistan
  • Women’s Junior 57kg: Vidhi, India
  • Women’s Junior 60kg: Nikita Chand, India
  • Women’s Junior 63kg: Shrusthi Sachin Sathe, India
  • Women’s Junior 66kg: Aruzhan Zhangabayeva, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Junior 70kg: Oysha Toirova, Uzbekistan
  • Women’s Junior 75kg: Rudrika, India
  • Women’s Junior 80kg: Kuralay Yeginbaikyzy, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Junior +80kg: Sobirakhon Shakhobidinova, Uzbekistan


  • Men’s Junior 46kg: Krrish Pal, India
  • Men’s Junior 48kg: Ilkhomjon Ergashev, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Junior 50kg: Samandar Olimov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Junior 52kg: Aidar Kadyrkhan, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Junior 54kg: Thanaphansakon Kalaseeram, Thailand
  • Men’s Junior 57kg: Torekhan Sabyrkhan, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Junior 60kg: Yashwardhan Singh, India
  • Men’s Junior 63kg: Akhmet Ussen, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Junior 66kg: Sanzhar-Ali Begaliyev, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Junior 70kg: Djafarbek Shakhbazov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Junior 75kg: Temurbek Abduvakhobov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Junior 80kg: Rakhmonjon Kodirov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Junior +80kg: Ozodbek Aliyev, Uzbekistan


List of the winners after the youth finals of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

  • Women’s Youth 48kg: Nivedita Karki, India
  • Women’s Youth 50kg: Tamanna, India
  • Women’s Youth 52kg: Tomiris Myrzakul, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Youth 54kg: Viktoriya Baidukova, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Youth 57kg: Ulzhan Sarsenbek, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Youth 60kg: Shaheen Gill, India
  • Women’s Youth 63kg: Ravina, India
  • Women’s Youth 66kg: Bakyt Seidish, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Youth 70kg: Aziza Zokirova, Uzbekistan
  • Women’s Youth 75kg: Muskan, India
  • Women’s Youth 81kg: Kamila Bazhbenova, Kazakhstan
  • Women’s Youth +81kg: Sakhobat Khusanova, Uzbekistan


  • Men’s Youth 48kg: Vishvanath Suresh, India
  • Men’s Youth 51kg: Khujanazar Nortojiyev, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 54kg: Abduvali Buriboyev, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 57kg: Bakhtiyor Asadov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 60kg: Almaz Orozbekov, Kyrgyzstan
  • Men’s Youth 63.5kg: Vanshaj, India
  • Men’s Youth 67kg: Fazliddin Erkinboyev, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 71kg: Yegor Yegorov, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Youth 75kg: Rakhmatullo Boymatov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 80kg: Abdulaziz Abdurakhmonov, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth 86kg: Temirlan Mukatayev, Kazakhstan
  • Men’s Youth 92kg: Aynazar Kenesbayev, Uzbekistan
  • Men’s Youth +92kg: Saif Al-Rawashdeh, Jordan

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