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AIBA welcomes positive change in the uniforms’ rule

February 25th, 2019 / IBA

Last week in Istanbul, the AIBA Executive Committee approved a key change in the AIBA uniform rules, including the possibility for boxers to wear their respective national colors on their shorts and vests as long as it complies with the official guidelines. The new rule will also allow the wearing of hijabs and full body form fitting uniforms if required for religious reasons, highlighting again AIBA’s commitment to gender equity and religious tolerance.

The previous objection of the wearing of hijabs was due to the material which was not designed to fit the body and had potential to come off and interfere in the competition. The new athlete clothing offers new uniforms that do not compromise the competition and therefore the health of the boxers, which has always been the priority for AIBA.

“I am proud, as a muslim-female boxer, to see the positive changes the International Boxing Association is doing for the best interest of its athletes. In the last past years, there have been concrete advancements in women boxing. Today boxing is no longer seen as a men’s sport, but women have a real place in it. Boxing embraces diversity and I am appreciative to see the continuous evolution of the sport. I also appreciate AIBA’s recognition of religious differences and to have had the insight to make this accommodation”, said German boxer Zaina Nassar. AIBA and the sport of boxing has always been at the front of the spirit of Olympism, by accepting any race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc, since the beginning of the sport.