AIBA Interim President visits AIBA headquarters

August 2nd, 2018 / IBA

This week, the Interim President of the International Boxing Association, Gafur Rahimov, visited the AIBA headquarters to meet with the staff and discuss the future of AIBA administration.

During his visit to the Olympic Capital, Gafur Rahimov held meetings with the entire AIBA administrative team in order to do a full review of on-going projects, including the plans for the future Headquarters administration as well as updates on AIBA’s major upcoming events such as the 2018 Youth Men’s & Women’s World Championships, the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games and the 2018 Women World Championships.

Additionally, he provided the HQs team with a progress update from the Executive Committee and explained the importance of the new plans being implemented helping to provide a clear strategic direction for the future of the organisation. Moreover, Mr. Rahimov thanked each and every one of the AIBA staff for hard work in recent months.

When addressing the AIBA HQ staff, Gafur Rahimov, Interim President of AIBA, said: “AIBA’s great progress results from the relentless work of an entire team.  Today I am very happy to meet with you and want to express my appreciation with all of your hard work. These recent months have been challenging but gradually the progress of the organisation is gaining much needed momentum. I see a lot of commitment and engagement coming from the HQs team, and I am sure you will continue doing all needed to serve the best interest of our organisation, all of its stakeholders, most importantly our core membership – the National Federations. I will make sure to provide the needed support in order to keep moving our organisation and our sport forward.”

Tom Virgets, Executive Director of AIBA, mentioned: “It was a great pleasure to welcome the Interim President to the home to AIBA. Having him in Lausanne to exchange and engage with the staff helps the team to understand the big picture goals of our organisation. This was a great boost to the morale of the team.”