AIBA Interim President Statement

August 28th, 2019 / IBA

Dear AIBA Members,

AIBA will hold Extraordinary Executive Committee meeting on August 31st in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. 

During this meeting important points for AIBA will be discussed on the sport, the finances and the governance. The EC will carefully listen to the report of the three taskforces that have been created last July to prepare the field for the reforms. Necessary adjustments will be done according to their recommendations as it is extremely important for the preparation of the next AIBA Congress. My replacement and also the appointment of a new Ethic Chairman will be also discussed during the EEC meeting.

We took note that the AIBA Disciplinary Committee closed the case against our two Executive Committee members Umar Kremlev and Volodymir Prodyvus. As expressed in my letter to the EC yesterday, I welcome this decision and I am very pleased that the EC will be more powerful as a united team.

As for sports, we only have 10 days left before the opening ceremony of the AIBA 2019 Men’s World Championships where around 450 athletes from 87 countries will compete in the most important event of their boxing career. We will have 12 days of a competitive fights during which we will have the opportunity to show the whole world that AIBA can learn from the mistakes of the past and introduce a high-level event.

I would like to make a special mention for our National Federations that are continuing to develop our sport and remain fully supportive to our organization even in these difficult times. Also, a special thanks to the Russian Boxing Federation for playing an active role in AIBA. Just this year, they have already organized two major events, the International Boxing Day and the Global Boxing Forum. In this tough period, they have also taken the responsibility to conduct the 2019 AIBA Men’s and Women’s World Championships and many other events to promote the sport of Boxing. 

The General Secretary of the Russian Boxing Federation Umar Kremlev has made significant progress in his country in two years, demonstrating his dedication to our sport. He has done a lot giving support to regional federations, helping veterans and providing coaches and Olympic champions with monthly scholarships. Many of these reforms and new ideas should also be implemented in AIBA.

Last but not least, we hear a lot of speculations toward potential bankruptcy of AIBA and on this I would like to state that this is not an option to consider, we are working on restructuring AIBA and we have options on the table to make AIBA sustainable. The Executive Committee remain to work as a united team to overcome the problem that AIBA is facing.

I wish all of you to be united these days and to stay devoted to our beloved sport. 


Yours sincerely, 

AIBA Interim President 

Mohamed Moustahsane