AIBA has signed sponsorship agreement with Muhammad Ali’s brand 

April 3rd, 2019 / IBA

In 2020 the Tokyo Olympic Games will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s gold medal in the 1960 Games in Rome. AIBA signed the sponsorship agreement with DBI Innovations, a company who has created a unique concept to give back to the Olympic world and sport enthusiasts what Olympism gave to its greatest champion. The new 2019 ME-WE perfume collection was made in association with AIBA. 

ME-WE, the shortest poem ever written, was composed by Ali. When his audience requested he give them a poem at a 1975 Harvard lecture. 

AIBA will get a percentage of the Muhammad Ali products worldwide sales. 

«We are excited to sign an agreement with DBI Innovations», said AIBA Executive Director Tom Virgets. «Muhammad Ali is a well-known athlete, the greatest boxer of the XX century, Olympic champion. We are excited to be linked with him. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with DBI Innovations».