AIBA fully complies with World Anti-Doping Code

November 28th, 2018 / IBA

Following the successful implementation of various initiatives for clean sport and further updates from the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Congress, AIBA is happy to report that it is in full compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code and working on intensifying its efforts in the fight against doping leading up to Tokyo 2020.

AIBA has put clean sport at the core of its strategy and strives to anchor the values of integrity and fair play within the boxing ecosystem. In recent months, AIBA has outsourced all its anti-doping activities and partnered with key stakeholders such as the Doping-Free Sport Unit of the Global Association of International Sports Federations’ and the International Testing Agency.

Furthermore, significant updates and changes have been made with regards AIBA statues, aiming at promoting clean sport and safety of athletes. A new anti-doping educational programme has also been developed, dedicated to ensuring that all AIBA member federations and athletes are familiar with and understand the rules and regulations in place.

Tom Virgets, Executive Director of AIBA, said: “Our athletes depend on us to protect them and the integrity of our sport. This is a top priority for AIBA, and we are working hard together with our partners to ensure that our boxers can thrive in a clean environment and have equal chances of success. To be in full compliance with WADA is an immense achievement for our organisation.”

In accordance with the proper Results Management Procedures, all cases that were open prior to 2018 have now been closed, which is a testament to AIBA’s commitment to clean sport and safety of athletes. Furthermore, based on the latest report of AIBA Anti-doping Activities provided by the International Testing Agency (ITA), over 450 in-competition and out-of-competition tests have already been conducted to date.