AIBA Executive Committee provisionally suspends AFBC Vice-President Clément Sossa Simawango

November 7th, 2017 / IBA

The AIBA Executive Committee, in accordance with the Article 38.1 (M) of the AIBA Statutes, unanimously voted to serve the AFBC Vice-President and Gabon Boxing Federation Honorary President Clément Sossa Simawango with a provisional and immediate suspension from all boxing related activities in the African Boxing Confederation during the Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting held in Dubai on November 3 and 4.

Mr Sossa has been found under a clear demonstration of disrespectful acts against AIBA after the organization of an AFBC Extraordinary Congress held in Cotonou, Benin, on October 29 under the qualification of AFBC Interim President. Prior to this event, AIBA had asked Mr. Sossa to postpone the AFBC Extraordinary Congress until the AIBA Executive Committee reviewed the qualification of Mr. Sossa to become Interim President of the African Confederation. On October 19, the AIBA EC decided, via an email vote and by majority, to cancel the wrongful appointment of Mr. Sossa as AFBC Interim President in accordance with the Article 37.3 of the AIBA Status.

The AIBA Executive Committee has also filed the case to the AIBA Disciplinary Commission for its review and final decision.