First AIBA Continental Boxing Forum 2020 takes place in Panama 

January 14th, 2020 / IBA

The new milestone in the AIBA internal communication is scheduled for January and February 2020. The Continental Forums which get together National Federations will take place at all the continents. NFs will receive actual information about amendments for AIBA Statutes, as well as be updated about AIBA reform progress and also they could tell about existing issues in their countries and continents. 

AIBA launched forums for continents to have a fruitful dialogue between AIBA, Confederations and National Federations. More than 35 American countries confirmed their participation in the first edition of AIBA Continental Forum taking place in the Panama city, Panama on January 18.   

The idea of such forums is to unite all the NFs around the world for best future of our sport and an opportunity to show to AIBA members the changes we are implementing in AIBA in term of Statutes, governance, competition format, development programs for coaches, medical and R&J, anti-doping seminars, communication with NF’s leaders, marketing programs for continents and federations, big platform to discuss actual issues.

AIBA Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane noticed that it is a great opportunity to understand all NFs needs and find a way for countries and continents to develop boxing. 

“I welcomed the idea of AIBA Marketing Commission chairman to conduct such events. Forums would become a huge platform to listen to each other, to find a lot of solutions and unite people. We’ve never done that before, and now we want to do it and to relaunch all the relations with NFs. We should start with the open dialogue and be more attentive to all needs. Step by step we are going to better future of our sports”, said Dr. Moustahsane.

Next four Continental Forums in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania are scheduled on February.