IBA / Budapest 2018

3 rounds interview with… Hungary’s Attila Bernáth

August 17th, 2018 / IBA, Budapest 2018

Round 1 – About you

When and why did you start boxing?
I started boxing seven years ago, in 2011. I even know the exact date because boxing has changed my life. I was fighting a lot through my childhood in the street and at school, so it was not a surprise that I ended between the ropes. Boxing means for me the opportunity to have a better future.

What does boxing bring to your life?
It is hard to explain these feelings. I got more attention from my family.
I could build important connections and maybe the most important is that I made my idols, Zsolt Erdei and Károly Balzsay, proud of me.

Tell us about your family
They mean everything to me, they always want me to be a better person and grow as a sportsman. It was them who did not let me quit the sport. It is always emotional when they say “We are proud of you.”

Round 2 – About Budapest

How did you prepare for the competition?
We had a training camp in Russia with very specific and technical trainings. Due to the preparation with our coach, Károly Balzsay, I feel confident and very strong. I can’t wait to start my first fight.

What do you expect from the competition?
In front of the home crowd, I think I can be world champion. To compete at home brings a different energy and I am sure that I will be using the atmosphere in my favor.

Round 3 – Quick test

  • Your nickname – Devil (from Károly Balzsay)
  • Your favorite food – Macaroni Cheese
  • Your Hero – First it was Anthony Joshua, but nowadays it is my head coach, Károly Balzsay, because he showed me that all efforts always pay off.
  • Your favorite song – I like songs about the Christian religion, like Hallalujah. They give me power and they calm me down. When I hear these songs, I feel that I am invincible.
  • A country or city to discover – Paris! My girlfriend loves the city and because of her, I have learnt a lot about Paris. I promised her that we will visit the French capital if I win the world championship.
  • Your biggest dream – My biggest dream is to qualify for the Olympic games and win a medal there.
  • Your favorite film – I prefer TV shows, Éjjel-nappal Budapest is my favourite.
  • Your favorite book – I don’t really like reading and I don’t have enough time for books sadly.