IBA Development
Education Programs

Referees and Judges Development

1. R&J Development Program 2021-2022

  • Constant review of the IBA Technical and Competition rules, supported by the Competition Committee
  • Refresh the IBA R&J Regulations Handbook (updated of R&J standards post-Tokyo), the live link will be effective at the end of January 2022
  • Complete review of the R&J Code of Conduct
  • Complete overhaul of the 3-Star R&J Refresher Course
  • Database Refresher Course for Observers and Evaluators to be completed and delivered virtually
  • Special Course delivery for ITOs, Evaluators, Observers and Instructors
  • Inclusion and diversity promotion through ‘new’ IBA Inclusivity Toolkit to be produced – work in progress
  • Corporate Identity – uniform for all R&Js at IBA owned and sanctioned events (to include the change of shirt colour for some events)
  • Sub-Committee for R&J Selection to form confederation POCs to assist with the selection of R&Js for future championships
  • Evolving changes to the selection process for all R&Js to IBA sanctioned events – to include the application of a random draw process (using BTF best practice model – implement for Women’s World Championships 2022)
  • Instructor Toolkit – cleaning and updating Instructor Pool
  • Updating R&J Course materials for all respective courses
  • Webinars and Continuous Professional Development in the Virtual Space
  • E-learning platform to be sourced, tendered and applied; to be produced – work in progress
  • IBA Auditor appointment to be ratified with Terms of Reference (part of the internal assurance and validation process) – training required in support of this appointment
  • IBA ‘new’ Scoring System Pilot Study to be conducted through 2022
  • Support work through McLaren Sporting Solutions (Pre-background and on-site checks – to be written into our events MOU)
  • Officials Pathway support for National Federations through 2022
  • Production of a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) document for quick and easy answers to our organization

2. R&J Courses

For National Federations to host the IBA Courses

If you are a National Federation and would like to host an IBA R&J Certification Course, please send the following information to education@iba.sport:

  • Course level (1-, 2-, 3-Star level)
    Please note that 3-Star R&J Courses can only be organized within either Continental or International IBA Competitions.
  • Course location
  • Course language
    Please note that in case a course is delivered in non-IBA official language, the host NF is responsible for providing interpretation for the participants.
  • Number of NF/International participant
    Please note that for 1 Instructor, the maximum number of participants is 15 course personnel.
  • Name of a competition where a course will take place
  • Number of bouts at this competition
For R&Js to participate in the IBA Courses

If you are a Referee or Judge and would like to participate in an IBA R&J Certification Course, please first review the appropriate course guidelines to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet all the requirements, please follow the IBA Courses Calendar 2022 and contact your National Federation to register you for an upcoming IBA R&J Certification Course. Please ensure that you have a profile within the IBA Database.

3. Other essential documents

Please send your all questions, queries and requests regarding IBA Referee and Judges Development to education@iba.sport