The aim of testing is to detect and deter doping among athletes to protect the clean athletes.

Any athlete under the testing jurisdiction of IBA may be tested at any time, with no advance notice, in- or out-of-competition, and be required to provide a urine or blood sample.

What are testing pools and why are whereabouts important for clean sport?

No advance notice out-of-competition testing is one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of doping. To support this type of testing, IBA has created testing pools as part of its testing program.

Certain athletes in IBA testing pools, such as those in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), are required to provide information on their whereabouts in ADAMS, WADA’s online anti-doping administration and management system.

Being part of the RTP list is a mark of excellence. It shows that the boxers are part of the elite in the boxing world today and should fill them with pride.

RTP inclusion criteria
The criteria are updated at least every year and boxers concerned as well as their respective National Federations are duly informed of their inclusion or removal from the RTP. AIBA may add any boxer in the RTP at any time, and the selection criteria may also be amended as needed by IBA.
RTP inclusion criteria




Whereabouts quick reference cards (ENG // FR)
International Standard for Testing & Investigations
Mobile apps (Android // IOS)

How do athletes know they need to provide whereabouts?

If an athlete needs to provide whereabouts in ADAMS, they will be informed directly by IBA of their inclusion in a testing pool as well as what information exactly is required of them, how to use ADAMS, deadlines to submit this information and any consequences if the information required is not submitted.

Should athletes have any query on how to submit whereabouts, please contact here

What should athletes do if they wish to retire or return to competition after retiring?

All IBA licensed athletes who decide to retire from competition must inform IBA.

For RTP athletes, the same procedure applies. As soon as the retirement is officially confirmed to IBA, the athlete will be withdrawn from IBA RTP with immediate effect. If an athlete wishes to resume competing, they will not be able to do so until they have given IBA written notice of their intent to resume competing and made themselves available for Testing for a period of six months. Please consult the IBA Anti-Doping Rules.