Zero Concussions at Asian Games Proved AIBA’s Decision was Correct

October 13th, 2014 / All

The 17th Asian Games were held recently in the city of Incheon, and the boxing competitions ended on October 3 with excellent outcomes for the International Boxing Association.

It was another major Elite Men’s Competition during which AIBA evaluated all bouts closely in order to check concussion rates without headguards.

However, in Incheon there were only two TKOs, and at the post medical tests, both of those boxers did not show any signs of concussion.

This result demonstrates that concussion should not be an issue for the sport of boxing if Elite Men’s Competitions are held without headguards in.

Nevertheless, now that the Asian Games are over, AIBA also plans to adopt a new system to continue to closely monitor all bouts to ensure any possible concussions will be observed.

At the same time, to prevent any cuts, AIBA has adopted very strict rules against any boxer who might have the habit of using his head and elbow as a tactic to conduct aggressive competition and to win matches.

As a result the rate of cuts has substantially decreased to less than 3%.

AIBA believes cuts are not a major concern as they will naturally go away at the higher level of boxing competitions as time goes by, due to the fact that the boxers, coaches and referees will know how to conduct the bouts avoiding cuts.