World’s boxing leaders unite around new Pro competition

November 12th, 2014 / All

Boxing leaders from all around the world are set to pass a unanimous motion in support of the launch of the AIBA Pro Boxing Competition (APB).

The new competition, launched by the International Boxing Association (AIBA), features 80 of the world’s best boxers competing in an unprecedented top-class individual ranking-based format of Pro Boxing.

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu said: “The APB is the foundation for boxing heroes and future legends which all young generations will follow and respect as their role models.”

APB was launched in October 2014 as the top tier of all AIBA competition programs, following AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) and the World Series of Boxing (WSB).

APB aims to bring boxing back into a mainstream position in the world of sports by taking into account the needs of fans and providing a top quality, highly entertaining and easily understood kind of Pro Boxing. APB’s structure aims to provide fans with regular fight-cards in multiple markets.

APB has a merit-based and comprehensive ranking system, with transparent and fair professional judging, and it epitomizes boxing performance at its best with a full long-term Athlete Development approach – from grassroots to pro – to help identify the world’s true boxing champions.

The heads of AIBA’s 196 National Boxing Federations will also pass a unanimous resolution in support of the removal of headguards for Men competing in elite competition.

The Congress is meeting in advance of the 2014 Women’s World Championships, also taking place in Jeju, starting this weekend.