US hope Jahmal Harvey defeated the reigning AIBA World Champion in the featherweight

October 28th, 2021 / IBA

Boxers in the featherweight (57kg) and super heavyweight (+92kg) competed in the afternoon session of the fourth day at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Belgrade to reach the 1/8 final. United States’ teenage hope Jahmal Harvey delivered the main sensation of the session when he eliminated Uzbekistan’s defending AIBA World Champion Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov.

Brazil’s Luiz Gabriel Oliveira impressed in the first bout of the session

Brazil’s Luiz Gabriel Oliveira was a gold medallist at the 2018 AMBC American Youth Boxing Championships and claimed bronze at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships that year. The 20-year-old Brazilian moved up to the featherweight (57kg) and met with Italy’s Raffaele Di Serio for the last 16. The younger Brazilian used the recent days to prepare well against his Italian opponent and started in impressive speed to catch the Italian with different combinations. Oliveira was able to increase his rhythm in the second round and his hard work delivered for him a place in the 1/8 final.

“We know that the Italian is a speedy boxer and I prepared for that. I have very similar style of boxing and my coaches worked hard to develop the best strategy which worked well today. My next contest could be very difficult but I am ready for that”

Luiz Gabriel Oliveira (BRA)

Jahmal Harvey caused the sensation of the session

Jahmal Harvey will turn 19 later this year but the US boxer proved that he is a fantastic talent in our sport. He had some difficulties in the first round in his opening bout but he managed to beat Belgium’s Vasile Usturoi in a hectic fight. Harvey’s Irish coach Billy Walsh prepared the strategy for his second contest against Uzbekistan’s reigning AIBA World Champion and Asian Games winner Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov. The Uzbek boxer is one of the top stars of the AIBA World Boxing Championships but his US rival surprised him with his effective counter-attacks and top level of footwork. Harvey exceeded all of the expectations in this featherweight (57kg) bout and eliminated the defending champion.

“I believed in myself, my skills and on my coaches today and I knew that I can make it. The first round was very important and I gave in everything to take the lead on the scorecards to follow my own strategy. I have the physical condition to keep in the same level until the very end. The atmosphere is impressive in this event and I am happy that part of it.”

Jahmal Harvey (USA)

Kyrgyzstan’s Akylbek Esenbek Uulu celebrated the born of her daughter with a success in Belgrade

According to his national coaches, Kyrgyzstan’s Akylbek Esenbek Uulu is one of the most hard-working boxers of the recent two decades who progressed rapidly following his outstanding motivation and attitude. Esenbek Uulu achieved medals at all of his international tournaments in 2021 including a bronze at the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. The Kyrgyz featherweight (57kg) boxer landed a high number of shots in the first round against Serbia’s Veljko Gligoric and worked hard on his success. Esenbek Uulu dictated the tempo and his quicker punches found the target to win their preliminary contest.

“I was working so hard in the recent months to be in top shape at the AIBA World Boxing Championships. My daughter, Amina was born a few days ago and as a father and as a boxer I am excited.”

Akylbek Esenbek Uulu (KGZ)

Germany’s Nelvie Tiafack stopped his first rival in Belgrade

Germany’s Nelvie Tiafack achieved a bronze medal at the 2016 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg at the age of 17 when he had only a few contests. His coach, former European Boxing Championships silver medallist Lukas Wilaschek built him up well in recent years and now the 22-year-old boxer is one of the stars of the super heavyweight (+92kg). The German controlled the first round against Saint Lucia’s UK-based Ryan Charles and his punches were the key ones in the second round which was an excellent opening from one of the favourites.

“We know the opponent and we discussed with my coaches to finish the exchanges with speed. I was trying to decide the second round and I could make it. We will do this Championships step by step and keep the focus only at the upcoming fight.”

Nelvie Tiafack (GER)

Spain’s Ayoub Ghadfa Drissi eliminated his Kazakh rival

Spain’s Ayoub Ghadfa Drissi competed at the 2018 EUBC U22 European Boxing Championships after he had only six contests. Since 3.5 years had gone and he had trained hard in Spain’s High Performance Centre, Ghadfa developed rapidly with the support of coach Rafael Lozano. At the afternoon session, met with Kazakhstan’s Nurlan Saparbay at the round 1/16 final in a unique re-match but the result became the same, Ghadfa won. The Spaniard took control with his speed in the first round and he felt the distance well enough to win this tough contest in Belgrade.

“I defeated the Kazakh boxer at the Boxam Tournament this March and I was confident I can do it again. I believe that I worked enough in the first and second rounds to beat him in our re-match. The third round was not the best it is always very difficult to beat a Kazakh boxer. I feel that I am ready to be a champion in Belgrade.”

Ayoub Ghadfa Drissi (ESP)