Umar Kremlev visited team competition between six nations in Poland 

January 23rd, 2021 / IBA

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev visited boxing matches between six national teams in Lublin, Poland on Saturday, January 23rd. 

Before the bouts started, he have met with all athletes and coaches who represented teams from Poland, Lithuania, Jordan, Russia, Estonia and the Czech Republic. 

The President greeted the teams, told them about AIBA reforms and reminded once again that International Boxing Association is a home for all boxers and they can contact the organization with any questions. Mr. Kremlev also gifted boxing equipment to athletes of the each team. 

When the fights in Lublin were over, AIBA President praised the level of organization as well as the athletes’ performance. 

‘Global boxing community is preparing actively for the Tokyo Olympics. Therefore, I am happy that our athletes continue to train hard and show the good quality of boxing despite all pandemic challenges. On the team event in Poland we’ve seen various style and manners of boxing, however, all fights showed the same high level of the athletes,’ Mr. Kremlev said.  

The competition in Lublin is an important boxing event, as athletes have not so much opportunities to fight with other nations representatives due to the pandemic situation. Events like this are a rare opportunity to have an international experience in a good organization conditions and all necessary sanitary norms.