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The Official Draw of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships took place in Dubai

August 20th, 2021 / IBA

Following the Technical Meeting, the Official Draw was held in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

132 youth and 136 junior boxers are attending in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai and the total number of boxers is 268.

Number of boxers ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

Men’s Junior 46kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Junior 48kg: 8 boxers

Men’s Junior 50kg: 10 boxers

Men’s Junior 52kg: 6 boxers

Men’s Junior 54kg: 10 boxers

Men’s Junior 57kg: 10 boxers

Men’s Junior 60kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Junior 63kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Junior 66kg: 8 boxers

Men’s Junior 70kg: 7 boxers

Men’s Junior 75kg: 6 boxers

Men’s Junior 80kg: 7 boxers

Men’s Junior +80kg: 5 boxers


Women’s Junior 46kg: 6 boxers

Women’s Junior 48kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Junior 50kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Junior 52kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Junior 54kg: 5 boxers

Women’s Junior 57kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Junior 60kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Junior 63kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Junior 66kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Junior 70kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Junior 75kg: 2 boxers

Women’s Junior 80kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Junior +80kg: 2 boxers


Men’s Youth 48kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Youth 51kg: 8 boxers

Men’s Youth 54kg: 10 boxers

Men’s Youth 57kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Youth 60kg: 11 boxers

Men’s Youth 63.5kg: 10 boxers

Men’s Youth 67kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Youth 71kg: 9 boxers

Men’s Youth 75kg: 7 boxers

Men’s Youth 80kg: 4 boxers

Men’s Youth 86kg: 6 boxers

Men’s Youth 92kg: 6 boxers

Men’s Youth +92kg: 4 boxers


Women’s Youth 48kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 50kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 52kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 54kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 57kg: 5 boxers

Women’s Youth 60kg: 4 boxers

Women’s Youth 63kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 66kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 70kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 75kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth 81kg: 3 boxers

Women’s Youth +81kg: 3 boxers

The competition starts at 16:00 local time , and will be live streamed  here