The establishment of the Continental European Boxing Academy has started

April 14th, 2021 / IBA

The official agreement on the establishment of the Continental European Boxing Academy was signed today. AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev visited Assisi to meet the head of the city and region and the leadership of the Italian Boxing Federation and to give an official start to the foundation of the academy.

Assisi is a historical center of European boxing, many significant Italian boxers started their career from here. And now the first European academy will be located in the region.

European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) demonstrated the initiative to establish the AIBA European Boxing Academy and AIBA decided to upheld the initiative. Educational programs for boxers and coaches will also be delivered within the academy.

During the official meeting Mrs. Stefania Proietti, Mayor of Assisi, underlined the close connection between boxing and the city of Assisi, where the national Italian training center is placed.

‘The foundation of the Academy is an important event for our city. In the post-pandemic world, it will attract more and more sports fans and athletes. We are grateful to AIBA and the Italian Boxing Federation for this project,’ Mrs. Proietti said.

President of EUBC Mr. Franco Falcinelli expressed gratitude to AIBA and personally Mr. Umar Kremlev for support in the foundation of the academy.

‘Creation of the academy in Assisi is an essential part of AIBA and boxing in general renewal. AIBA President is a leader who believes in the bright future of our sport. He came today to implement his obligation given during his election campaign. Assisi was chosen because our city always paid special attention to preparation for the Olympics and other international events. The priority task for sports managers is to fulfill dreams and expectations of boxers who represent their nation at competitions’, Mr. Franco Falcinelli claimed.

Mr. Umar Kremlev stated that the task is “the massive development of boxing in every country”.

‘Here in Italy the boxing culture has been preserved, I am glad that this is the place where the boxing academy will be built. Everyone will come and see the boxing culture. We create the academy for our athletes and coaches. We must think about the future today. I am grateful to all my colleagues, the Italian Boxing Federation, government of the city and everyone involved in the process. Thank you for your work, for your ideas. Today we are launching the academy. Congratulations to everyone!’ Umar Kremlev claimed.

Domenico Ignozza, the President of the Olympic Committee of the Umbria region stressed the importance of the academy for the development of European boxing and expressed gratitude to all participants.

President of the Italian Boxing Federation underlines the social part of the foundation which is in engagement of young people into sport and healthy life.

The Academy’s marketing and communication advisor will be ARTMEDIASPORT company.